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HH&S has developed two subscriber management platforms the HH&S Hub and SubSaver to suit the needs of publishers of any size;

HH&S Hub

The Hub was developed to allow publishers a fully customised subscription management platform.  Each Hub is bespoke and designed to meet the needs of an individual publisher. Able to handle various fulfilment methods and payment options allowing publishers to offer their customers more flexibility.
The platform also benefits from a single customer view for greater insight and analytics.


Our latest platform, Subsaver was launched in January 2019. It’s an off the shelf solution providing a cost-effective way for publishers to offer subscriptions without breaking the bank. 
It incorporates similar technology as The Hub to suit publishers of any type, whether they have one or 100 titles.

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Rhian McPherson

Subscriptions Manager

Crop Gemma.jpg

Gemma Heavens

Account Director

Subscription Fulfilment

Both HH&S subscription platforms can manage multiple fulfilment options whether it be postal, home delivery, retail voucher, digital or bundle subscription fulfilment. No other UK subscription bureau or agency provides such choice of fulfilment options from a single platform.

Retail Vouchers can work strategically for by both news titles and magazines as a subs fulfilment channel that works at the newsstand. General interest weekly magazines don’t tend to benefit from postal subscriptions in the same way as monthly titles. Tactically flexible retail vouchers may be used to engage with casual readers who browse newsstands prompted by cover pages to buy;  as part of a cancellation strategy to a subscriber saying they “just don’t read the titles as much as they used to”; as part of an acquisition program as an easy, flexible, less expensive offer to recruit new subscribers onto the subs ladder.

Multi-Channel Subscription Solutions

  • Postal

  • Retail Voucher

  • Flexible Voucher

  • Digital app/online

  • Home Delivery

  • Bundle (above) offers

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Both the HH&S Hub and SubSaver provide a comprehensive reporting suite, developed in conjunction with leading publishers and accessible online through a password protected portal.
All reports can be run based on a date range, title, offer code.

General & Circulation

  • Acquisition

  • Cancellation

  • Lapsed

  • Retention

  • Live subscriber numbers

  • Weekly reports

  • Future postal quantities

  • Subscriber notes

ABC Audit Reports

  • Below coverprice

  • Copies credited

  • HND copies delivered



  • Payments

  • Refunds

  • Forward liability

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Customer Care Team

Our in-house Customer Care Services Team manage everything from onboarding new customers, processing renewals to saving cancelling subscribers. Direct debit and credit card payment methods are accepted and we are fully PCI compliant.


HH&S Subs Rewards

It’s more economical to retain a subscriber than to recruit afresh so rewarding the loyalty of subscribers is a key element to a publisher’s retention strategy. Our rewards platform provides publishers with a secure site meaning only their subscribers can access special offers, discounts and competitions. SubSaver Rewards is fully integrated with the HH&S Hub and SubSaver.

Hari Sunner

Customer Care Supervisor

Martin Asare

Customer Care Manager

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