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I'm on your side retailer promo

I Newspaper

I’m On Your Side

Independent retailer subscription promotion

I’m on your side was a sales driving scheme developed to grow the sales of I through independent retailers by increasing their purchasing frequency. Retailers were incentivised to distribute vouchers to their customers to trial I half price for 4 weeks.  They then encouraged the customers to sign up to a subscription.

I is missing you

I Newspaper

I is Missing You

A reactivation campaign for cancelled and lapsed subscribers

I is Missing You is a campaign to reactivate lapsed and cancelled subscribers.  An A5 postcard was mailed to customers offering an incentive to them if they re-subscribed.  The campaign is sent out on a quarterly basis to subscribers 3 months after their subscription has lapsed. 

Yorkshire Post subscriber recruitment

Yorkshire Post

More To Enjoy

In-paper subscription acquisition campaign

To reflecting a brand campaign put together by the Yorkshire Post we designed a subscription acquisition campaign to run in the newspaper.  The offer was to save 20% on a subscription to the newspaper with free access to the app.  Variances of the campaign ran for 4 months alternating artwork treatments. 

Ben 10.jpg

Turner CNN Enterprise

 Ben 10 Magazine Augmented Reality Cover

 Using AR on the front cover of Ben 10 magazine to trigger an animated image of Ben 10

 As an alternative to the "plastic" cover mount the cover of the magazine triggered via Augmented Reality an animated image of Ben 10. The animation was able to be viewed via a bespoke Ben 10 AR app which had the additional functionality of being able to take a photograph of the magazine reader standing beside the Ben 10 animated image. The use of an AR cover mount was very much on brand for the action hero and provided a further direct association between Ben 10 and reader. The AR solution had significant cost and environmental benefits over "plastic toy" cover mounts.

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